I pride myself on being able to remember, in intimate detail every photograph I take. Apparently, I took some photos on the 28th January 2020, but I have absolutely no recollection of taking them. The 28th of January 2020 is I day that I'll always remember as being the day I can't remember. Not because I am particularly forgetful, but because of other reasons that will soon become apparent.
On Tuesday the 28th of January 2020, I collapsed from a catastrophic seizure. After a short spell in hospital I went to collect my camera, which had been kept safe. I was surprised to find these photographs which I had taken, but still have no recollection of creating. They show a timeline in the minutes and seconds running up to the episode along a route that I can't remember walking, that act as snapshots in my mind that I cannot recall through memory alone. Thankfully, I am fully recovered thanks to the A&E Department at Bangor Hospital, the quick thinking and rapid response of the staff at Adra, and GLLM and the ongoing support from family, friends and colleagues. 
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